Get Grounded

It's April? Are you sure? I'm not entirely sure. It feels like December.

I am working on my self-expression and self-care, so I am walking out on a skinnier branch and challenging myself to write a bit more from the heart for the next few weeks.  I'm not even sure who will read these posts so I just figure, why not just put my thoughts out there and maybe it will help inspire someone else to do the same.  Express.  Move.  Share.  

I have felt a bit "all over the place" lately and have not felt very accomplished.  The outstanding goals that I set early in the year seem quite distant and I have found myself disappointed in my progress.  More specifically with my goals in growing my own business.  I have the most amazing training and support on this team and their message to me has been this... 

"You are just where you are supposed to be, breathe."

So I am working on being right here...right now...and nowhere else...

The other great advice has been to refresh my "Why?"  Spending some time turning inwards and getting specific and honest about why I am doing this...why do I want to grow and share this business with doTERRA?  So that's what I am setting out to do this week.  Get grounded, rooted and secure in my WHY.  How will I do this great task you ask?  I will share my progress as I go and by the end of this week, my why will be crystal clear...for now!  Part of this journey for me has been to remember that one's "why" can change and evolve over time and that is totally okay.  In fact, it will most likely become more specific and more clear as I get more honest with myself about what it is I really want to create in this world.  

Why not? 

moving peacefully,