Clear Intentions

Alright. It’s time to get clear. Today is a great day for cultivating and inviting in clarity because it is a NEW MOON. Just as the name states, it’s time for setting NEW intentions…a time for revitalizing the intentions you have been putting out there and for the ideas and inspirations that you are looking to move forward with and see come to fruition. I have a few I have been sitting on for a while now and I am READY for a refresh. The last couple of weeks have been a time for turning inwards and healing and I am feeling ready to take my dreams to the next level. I am ready for allowing this healing process to continue as I step into leadership. I know that I am capable of having a grand impact on this planet - like a really big one and I know that that level of power I am capable of is just sitting there waiting for me to step in and wear it like a damn crown. I feel it, others feel it, the cards say it, my dreams spell it out, my husband tells me I am the damn boss. WHAT SIGNS AM I WAITING FOR?!? One of my continuous lessons seems to be around this idea of questioning myself and questioning what I know is the next move. I ask for a lot of advice, I research, I journal, I contemplate and then I ask for sign after sign. The vibe I am feeling today is that it is truly time to begin to trust myself in a new way. To trust that at my core, I have the answers and I am worthy of listening to them because when I am aligned with my greater purpose, with my source. I am ready to declare my “WHY” this moment and I intend on making that WHY known to my community because that WHY is for the greater good. This WHY is what will help keep me aligned, keep me true to my heart and also allow me to step into that POWER that is waiting for me. The longer I sit and contemplate and wait it out, the longer people will go on suffering and be without what I have to offer. THE TIME IS NOW, I wrote in my journal this morning. So here we go!

I am a proponent of transformation through using natural solutions to cultivate one’s path to healing. With the use of nature’s gifts, I am here to empower humans to take their self-care seriously and feel the healing effects of doTERRA’s essential oils.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to see your dreams come to life? NOW is the time to put yourself first and do what it is that YOU want to do because if not now, then when? If not you, then who?! Self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary so do what makes you feel good to recharge and get to work!

Set your intentions today with great positivity, love, and trust.

Love and light,