Tis' The Season... For Cooties.

Keeping your body’s own defense system strong can help ward off all those gross cooties. And so far this season, there seems to be quite a few of those gross little buggers being passed around. The fact that I just recently contracted something gross for the first time in what I think might be 2 full years, is pretty surprising seeing that I work in a children’s hospital. I owe that fact to a few things…

  1. Eating a healthy diet consisting of mostly plant-based and whole foods.

  2. I wash my hands before when I get home and before I eat.


There is some very interesting evidence from legit research on the benefits of using pure essential oils to help support the immune system. In my own physical body of research, I have personally felt a profound enhancement in how my body responds to environmental threats and have listed some of my favorite oils to use and how to use them. I have also found that even when you do in fact catch something, the oils can help shorten its stay and/or help you feel better than if you didn’t use them. So what the heck, why not?

On-Guard Protective Blend
Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus

I LOVE to diffuse this bad boy to literally kill whatever is floating around in the air! It also just smells divine in the fall and winter with the warmth of the spices!

Drop under the tongue, in a veggie cap or in tea when something is brewing… YUM.

Rub on the bottoms of feet every night/morning to keep the system STRONG.

Rub down the spine when the system needs an extra boost.

The master of cootie busting.
This is a HOT essential oil so use with caution, and follow the guidelines. This one is not meant to be used daily - only when in times of need for no more than about 10 days at a time.

I will rub a drop or two on the bottoms of my feet and take a drop or two in a veggie cap when something is bugging my system.

I use it to clean the bathroom/kitchen counters
(I don’t use this one on the floors because we have a dog - also not good for kitties)

Can also be used in a veggie cap to boost the defense system.

Rub on the bottoms of feet every night/morning to keep the system STRONG.

Rub down the spine when the system needs an extra boost.

Frankincense & Copaiba
Both of this POWERHOUSE essential oils are great for so many things and immunity is one of them. I like to incorporate them into many of my blends for that reason and they are both safe to take in the veggie cap as well when making your immunity blend. Soothing and supportive, these two are a staple for sure.

Roller-ball “Flu Bomb” Recipe

Want more education? Check out doTERRA’s Empowered Life Series: Immune & Respiratory

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