Holiday Gift Making


Last night JP and I had a small group of friends over to make some holiday gifts with essential oils and it was a total hit! We made candles, room sprays and roller bottles.

The candle making was actually a lot easier than we thought… I was a little nervous it would turn into a big melted wax mess in the kitchen, but it was simple and fun!

Our materials included…

  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • Empty jam jars (thanks to JP’s addiction to jam, we had plenty)
  • Candle wicks
  • Wooden chopsticks or a pencil
  • Natural soy wax
  • Glass spray bottles
  • Glass roller bottles
  • Chalkboard tape and sparkly duct tape for labels
  • Clean and dry tin cans - the 14oz cans were perfect for melting the wax

    Here is my Amazon list with all these items plus a few more.

Step 1: Set up materials on old table cloth as not to get wax drips on everything.

Step 2: Measure out wax - use 2x the amount of wax flakes that fit in your desired jar - and pour flakes in tin can.

Step 3: Place can of wax in double boiler with heat on medium-high and give wax a stir as it begins to melt.  This happens pretty fast - the wax was fully melted in just a few minutes.

Step 4: Once wax is completely melted, remove from heat with oven mitts!
Place on a hot plate and let wax cool down to about 100 - 120 degrees F.

Step 5: While the wax is cooling, dip the bottom of the wick into the wax and then place it in the center of the jar - hold it in the center and let the wax dry to adhere the wick to the bottom of the jar.  Wrap the top of the wick around a chopstick or pencil to hold the wick up straight.

Step 6: Mix in your desired doTERRA essential oils and give it a stir!  We went with about 15 drops of oil in our 12oz candles but you can use more depending on the oil… use your nose to gage how much you would like!

Step 7: Slowly pour your wax into the jar and make sure the wick is balanced on the chopstick right in the middle of the candle.  

Allow the candles to cool for about one hour and add your label.
Voila, you have a homemade candle!

This was an absolute crowd pleaser and everyone seemed to enjoy making these gifts while we chit-chatted and ate some homemade pizza snacks and wine.  We had another table set up with the room spray and roller bottle materials so everyone had something to make while we took turns with the candle making. 

For more on Essential Oils and their usage, check out our video here!

This tutorial on wikiHow is awesome and easy to follow as well.

Happy Holidays!

Moving Peace

Nicole Primiano