Day 1 of Filming for Moving Peace

Our first video is recorded! This weekend, my amazingly talented husband, JP and I joined forces… we have decided to take a stab at our latest idea for a business venture together.  As I am growing my new essential oil and holistic wellness company, we are utilizing his videography skills and creating a video section of my website as well as a youtube channel.  

At first, I thought, “I can totally take this on!  It’s not like acting in front of the camera - I totally got this.” … um… well… I WAS WRONG!  It was not as easy as I was actually a bit nerve wracking and I even had a nervous stomach ache as we were filming!  I was rubbing my doTERRA DigestZen on my belly in between takes!  After I warmed up a bit and got used to speaking to the camera, it did start to get easier and easier but I give a LOT of credit to those VLOG-gers out there - it’s not as easy as it looks people! 

My top lessons of filming day 1:

  1. It feels totally weird talking to a camera like it’s a person.

  2. Our dog, Minnie The Shiba, does not like it when I am speaking to the camera - she finds it confusing.

  3. Creating video content is not as easy as I thought! It is time consuming and requires patience.

  4. Working with my husband is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to create more together!

JP is editing our first video right now… I can’t wait to share the final product! Stick around to see it soon!