Lady Loves

Lady Loves

Gratitude is what I feel. Every. Dang. Day.  I have incorporated a gratitude practice into my daily routine- either writing it down, saying out loud, or just to myself at least a few times a day.  So often, my prayer is simply, “thank you, thank you, thank you.”  I recently had my natal chart done with my new beautiful friend, Autumn, and this stuff is totally nuts.  The natal chart is pretty much a story written about you- your personality traits, struggles, strengths etc. - based upon the exact planetary alignment at the moment you were born.   As Autumn explained the bit about my female friendships, she said it was clear how true I am to my girlfriends...that I take these relationships seriously and hold them close to my heart.  DUH. I mean, seriously? Could she be more accurate?!  Her explanation of it all was amazing, but when she spoke about this piece, I was grinning like a fool and thinking to myself, “I have surrounded myself with the most amazing women and I LOVE them dearly.”

So this all brings me to this undying respect and love for my near and dear Lady Loves.  I was blessed to grow up with some seriously tough broads as I spent a great deal of time with two of my Great-Grandmothers, Nanny and Meme, and my Grandma Carol.  Between these hot tamales, my Mother, and a few instrumental women in my formative years, I am the tough cookie I am today because of their strength and love.

I soaked up all this lady love with my little sister Lauren by my side.  We were terrible to one another- mostly me- I was so mean to her.  But as we got older, I learned that this bond was a vital one that I needed to nurture and I strive to give her my love and support always.  She is a beauty.  She is strong, wildly intelligent and is not afraid to speak her mind.  I have learned a great deal from her and we are certain that we were sister witches in a past life.  My dearest Lauren, you rock.  

I went through my share of girlfriend drama as a kid... definitely experienced that whole evil thing where a group of girls talks about you right in front of you but refers to you as a different name… I think Suzie was the “codename” used as they poked fun right in my face.  I never forgot how awful that made me feel.  I think that stuck with me because even at that young age, I knew this was not how friends should ever make you feel.  So I stuck with boys… they didn’t talk shit, and I appreciated that.  I continued to choose boys over girls even to a fault… because I was craving a deeper friendship than I could find at the time.  As I moved through highschool and college I began to cultivate some of the most meaningful female friendships as well as some of my life-long lady loves.  I was surrounded by some seriously badass chicks and I admired their ability to express themselves so easily as that was not something that came as naturally to me.  

Through my early twenties I realized how valuable my female friendships are.  As I moved through some of the most devastating events of my young life, I chose the path of self-discovery and I found an incredible amount of love and support and inspiration from the woman in my life.  I felt the energy of my three angels lead me on this journey to finding my true self - learning how to find that voice and spirit within.  I leaned into my most loving friendships.  These women took care of me and were a huge part of my self-discovery.  I thought making friends as a grown-up living in a new city would be so hard but I was the most lucky in attracting the most amazing friends...some from childhood, most were new… all of them are precious souls I will keep close to my heart forever.  When I met my husband I actually said this line, “just so it’s clear, I will always choose chicks before girls come first.”  Yep. I said that on our second or third date.  Tough cookie indeed.  The best thing is that this group is still growing!  My circle of inspiring humans keeps getting bigger and better the more I focus on aligning with the divine energy around and through me.  YES, and thank you.

I decided this should be my first topic to launch out into the blogosphere for a few reasons.  

Thing 1: Times are tough- for SO many humans right now and I think that putting more love and energy out into this universe is vital.  Only love will save us.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s the damn truth and you know it.

Thing 2: The conversation that is bubbling up and as more and more women come forward after being silenced for so long is tremendous.  It is an opportunity to shine and stand strong together.  United.  Sharing experiences and offering support and taking the time and effort to spread the love to one another will allow our voices to be heard.  Loud and clear.  We must not back down.

Thing 3: All of this woman-hood business makes me feel empowered to love one-another more, rather than gossip and put down other women for their choices, their words, their clothing, boyfriends, etc.  Let’s support one another more and judge less.  Look inward rather than continue to point the finger. Thank you.

Thing 4: All of these thoughts that bubble up lead me to wanting to express my great love of the awesome females in my life more and more each day!

I adore you Lady Loves more than you might know and I am overflowing with love and admiration for the strength and support that you have all shown me through the years.  I do my best to be a good friend and I hope that if I have a daughter/daughters some day, that I can instill the importance of these friendships because these women are my sisters.  My hearts.  My laugh-until-you-cry-because-it’s-so-dumb-and-no-one-else-will-ever-know-why-it's-so-funny friends.  Thank you, my Lady Loves.  Thank you.


Nicole Primiano