Cultivating Movement

Moving Peace has a hopeful vision to cultivate peace in one's life through a holistic approach to health and wellness. With the use of yoga, meditation, essential oils and healthy lifestyle choices, humans have the power and opportunity to create their own best life.  Moving Peace will help guide you to take a step towards a deeper understanding of your own peaceful path.

About Nicole, Creator and Founder

Movement is not only a passion of Nicole's, but essential to her life-force. She studied dance and movement since childhood and then at Montclair State University where she completed her degree in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Dance.  As she began her career in the healthcare field as a Certified Child Life Specialist more than nines years ago, she continued her practice of yoga and dance as her escape from the world.  Years later, she decided to make more of this love of yoga practice and completed her yoga teacher-training with Anne-Margaret Redding in 2017 at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in Astoria, New York. Here, she focused on a greater understanding of yoga practice and learned the true power of incorporating breath, meditation and mindfulness into her method.  In 2018, Nicole also completed her pre-natal yoga teacher training with Sarah Ireland and Lauren Hanna at Sonic Yoga in Manhattan and is elated to have uncovered a deeper understanding of the female body through yoga practice.  This study led her to complete a Birth Doula training with Debra Pascali Bonaro at Birth Day Presence this past January and she is now preparing to be present to support her sister through her first birth!

With a life-long interest in health and well-being, Nicole continues to explore a holistic lifestyle that includes studying and using essential oils, Reiki, plant-based foods, chakra healing, sustainable sourcing, composting and so much more.  So far, her path has lead her to a space of self-acceptance and understanding of this human existence a little more each day.

Nicole is energetic and passionate about helping others to attain the sense of freedom that she finds in these practices and feels blessed to move more humans towards cultivating their own peace... peace of mind... peace at heart... Moving Peace.